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Autumn in New York

Autumn in New York

M & M Store At Times Square

M & M Store At Times Square
M & M Store At Times Square

Sunday, November 1, 2009

New York Marathon and Rangers

I signed up to volunteer at the NYC Marathon so awaking at 6.30am - dressed and out by 7am - I walked down to Central Park and got there by 7.30am - and met up with the team that were setting up the infrastructure for this event.

What a privelege for me to see a major event like this in full swing? I was able to take photographs of various infrastructure activities and walk around the man made track and check out the event system throughout the morning.

We had to set up water, cups, tables and then delegate and manage volunteers through their tasks. Doesnt sound like much but with a few thousand people - this is one massive exercise.

Meeting local New Yorkers was a special treat and gaining insight into the workings of the vast networks of volunteering with the event management - I gleaned much valuable information to take home with me to provide a better event service to all of our clients in the future.

It was an incredible honour to be involved in such an event.

The mid morning break enabled me to take brunch at The Boathouse - gorgeous little restaurant in the middle of Central Park. I took some photographs but nothing will compare to the real thing. The colours here are mesmerising. This park enables New Yorkers to breathe. I sure felt good checking it out a little.

After my shift, I watched the end of the disabled racers. Incredible efforts and every single racer was cheered wildly from every single person watching the track. Everyone talks to everyone and they are ready to encourage and cheer on anyone - there is not limit or distinction. I watched the lead women's and then the men runners. Many people thought I was British and there to cheer on "Paula" - the British chick who has won the NYC Marathon for the past 2 years. Clearly the favourite, when she passed our vantage point, her muscles looked exhausted and tight and it is no surprise to me that she didn't win this year. Still, there was a massive marketing campaign with hats, T Shirts and Cheering Boards given to the crowds to spur her on.

I couldn't stay all day at the NYX Marathon as I had tickets to see the New York Rangers play off Boston at 1pm. Walking back from Central Park, I took Fifth and then Broadway to get there within 30 minutes. It is very easy to find your way around here.

I got the cheapest tickets in the house - nose bleeding territory. Section 406 - right at the top. I climbed 6 flights of stairs and was seriously thinking of dumping the tickets until I saw the view. I saw EVERYTHING. Best tickets I think I have ever had!

Freezing at MSG - the ice hockey was brilliant - and I watched a tense game and purchased - yes - shock horror - one of those big blue hands that points one finger in victory!!!

Back at the room after the game, some Pushworth work done - and now I'm out to see a Broadway show - anyone I can get cheap tickets for - they are everywhere!

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